Gökhan Taşkın
Gökhan Taşkın
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Gökhan Taşkın

Born 1964 in Ankara Turkey.

Studies 1984-1988 Graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts. Hacettepe University Ankara Turkey. 1989-1997 Studie for Ceramic Design.University of Applied Sciences.FH Niederrhein Krefeld Germany. 1992-1995 Received for Master Degree in Arts with Master Thesis “Applicability of Art Ceramic with Constructionalistic and De-Constructionalistic course in the Modern Architecture”Instutude of Social Sciences,Hacettepe University Ankara Turkey. 1995-1996 Begining the Studie for Doctorate Degree in Arts.Hacettepe University. 1996-1997 Studie for Graphic Forming .FH Niederrhein Krefeld Germany.

Scholarships and work periods 1989-1990 Studie Scholarship of Art . DAAD .German Academic Change Programm.Bonn, Germany. 2001 Studie Scholarship of Art .Municipalty of Breda ,The Netherlands. 2000 Selected for Work Period in European Ceramic Work Center .EKWC .s’Hertogenbosch,The Netherlands. 2001 Selected for Artist-in –Residence .International Ceramic Center .ICC .Scealskor,Denmark.

Solo Exhibitions (selected) 1989 BEL-PA Ice Stadium Gallery,Ankara Turkey 1991 Gerreshaimer Hospital Expo Hall ,Dusseldorf Germany 1992 Hous and garden of Child Center Department Head.Dusseldorf Germany. 1996 Turkish Culture Center . Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey at Cologne, Cologne,Germany. 1996 LuSZD Foundation Expo Hall ,Dusseldorf Germany. 1998 Gay Games Amsterdam ,SAD Foundation ,Expo Hall.Amsterdam The Netherlands. 2000 Gallery Segeren,Breda The Netherlands. 2000 OHRA Insurance group, Expo Hall ,Arnhem ,The Netherlands. 2000 European Ceramic Work Center .EKWC.s’Hertogenbosch ,The Netherlands. 2001 Municipalty of Ulvenhoud Expo Hall, Ulvenhout ,The Netherlands. 2001 SBK Gallery of Foundation of Fine Arts.”Chaos and System” Oosterhoud ,The Netherlands. 2001 Architect Company of Snoren, Expo Hall.Dongen ,The Netherlands. 2002 Municipalty of Breda, Expo Hall .Breda ,The Netherlands. 2004 Gallery Eras and Eras. Villa Arena,Amsterdam ,The Netherlands. 2011 Gallery Loes & Reinier Deventer The Netherlands 2011 Turkish Classic Music Concert’s Expo .Breda .The Netherlands

Group Exhibitions (selected) 1988-1998 Ten time selcted for State Competition of Painting and Sculpture.State Gallery Ankara, Ankara Turkey. 1993 Richard Bampi Award ,Keramion Museum of Contemporary Ceramic, Freschen,Germany. 1995 Housten International Festival.Exhibition of Contemporary Turkish Artist,Allen Center,Dallas.Texas, United States of America. 1996 Keramik Offenburg,Ceramic Competition of Sparkasse,Offenburg,Germany. 1999 KERANOVA II ,Ceramic Competition and Exhibition of Foundation Keranova , in OHRA Arnhem, in Gallery Amphora Oosterbek,in Gallery Atrium Amsterdam .The Netherlands. 2001 “My Suncaramel My Mooncrystal”.Expo Hall of Hous of Province, s’Hertogenbosch , The Netherlands. 2001 “Ghosts and Mirrors” Cacao Fabric ,Helmond,The Netherlands. 2002 International Festival of Post-Modern Ceramics.Varazdin,Croatian. 2002 “Between Water Fronts” Contemporary Turkish Ceramics,Gallery Maas, Rotterdam ,The Netherlands. 2003-2007 Exhibitions of Project “Zanaat” Women Integration programm with Art Activities,in CKE Eindhoven,in CKVU Uden,in Center of fine arts “Niuewe Veste” Breda. The Netherlands. 2010 Interception .Gallery Bir-Nokta Norwegian and Turkish Ceramics.Istanbul Turkey . 2011 Good Fired . Castle of Le Paige .Herentals Belgium .

Collections 1989-1990-1991-1994 Collection of State Republic of Turkey.Ankara Turkey. 1999-2000 Architects Company of Snoren.Dongen ,The Netherlands. 2000-2001 SBK Foundation of Fine Arts ,Oosterhaut ,Amsterdam ,The Netherlands. 1990-2007 Private Collections.

Awards 1988 Award of Merid.Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts.AnkaraTurkey. 1989-1990-1991-1994- State Award of Ceramic,Ceramic Competition of State Republic of Turkey.Ankara Turkey.

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